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What to look for

  • Look for flats that have a good central location.
  • Look for flats with features that will hold their value such as well-kept period fixtures.
  • Look for flats and buildings which are well maintained and organised.
  • Look for a flat you like the feel of – minor problems such as draughty windows can be easily dealt with if you care about the flat you’re buying
  • Look for blocks which are well attended by a caretaker or porter.

What to avoid

  • Avoid draughty flats with old window frames, cracks and gaps.
  • Avoid mansion blocks that are poorly managed and lack future planning for maintenance.
  • Avoid mansion blocks with draconian and lengthy list of rules, for example dictating the hours of the day to do activities.
  • Avoid being taken in by a grandiose exterior; consider whether the flat will be badly insulated or badly heated and expensive to maintain.
  • Avoid if flat does not merit its price tag.
  • Avoid being taken in by a grand address; try not to pay over the odds just to be in the right postcode.
  • Avoid if too much outside noise, or if there is a serious problem with neighbours.


Probably the greatest advantage of the Mansion flat is its address. Almost all Mansion Flat developments are built centrally or in well-connected suburbs which now and into the future
The outward attractiveness of a Mansion block was always part of its appeal and many have aged gracefully. They have grand facades and numerous smaller assets such as bay windows, balconies, large windows, block wood floors and high ceilings. All these advantages make the mansion flats an attractive place to live and ones that are never likely to be built again.
compared with (modern flats) a Mansion Flat can be very large and, due to the high ceilings, feel very spacious: • 1 bedroom Mansion flat – 900sq ft. (modern flat – 500 sq. ft.) • 2 bedroom Mansion flat – 1200sq ft. (modern flat – 750 sq. ft.) • 3 bedroom Mansion flat – 1500sq ft. (modern flat – 950 sq. ft.) • 4 bedroom Mansion flat – 1800sq ft. (modern flat – 1200 sq. ft.) • 4 bedroom Maisonette – 2100 ft. (modern flat – 1800 sq. ft.)
Many blocks are in freehold ownership and/or are on long leases and well run by the residents. Some even benefit from rent controlled leases (providing a much reduced rent).


New technology
Lack of Leisure facilities
Inefficient Layouts
External impressions
Onsite parking
Mansion blocks often cannot accommodate certain technologies such as some types of Internet connection, as the majority are either listed or in a conservation area which do not allow satellite television on the grounds that the dishes will deface the facade of the building
Victorian design did not embrace the need for indoor swimming pools and gyms, although some still have tennis courts i.e. Queen’s Court.
Long and airy hallways can result in small and often pokey kitchens and bathrooms.
Grand exteriors can hide a dreary maze of corridors and poorly kept decor and period features within.
The disadvantage of a central location means mansion apartments are often located on or near a busy main road.
Not impossible but very unlikely.