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Architectural Glossary of Mansion Flats

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    Mansion flats are distinctive and will have some, if not all, of the external features described earlier.

    Internally there is Carrera marble detailing, intricate mouldings, wallpaper and thick carpeting in the lobby.

    Such is the quality of life that people often live here for a long time and the residents consider it is a prestigious place to live.

The Victorian and early Edwardian eras are characterised by architectural  interpretations of eclectic historic styles including Baroque (curvaceous, twisting and unabashedly bright elements), Art Nouveau (sinuous, organic shapes), French (sense of verticality to enhance the connection with God), Dutch (ornate brickwork gables), flemish (red brick with contrast stone details) as well as British Queen Anne revival (irregular and asymmetrical ) the original reign of Queen Anne – 1702-1714 – which was also known as ‘stavian’ for its connection with Architect Richard Norman Shaw (who favoured timber fenestration such as bay windows with curved returns as well as balconies).

In essence, Queen Anne style is all about decorative excess its reinvention was spurred on by the new technology that became available in the middle of the nineteenth century that allowed structures to be built with cast iron (rather than wrought iron) as well as reinforced concrete.

Queen Anne revival style is characterised by buildings which use red brick, white woodwork and a mix of decorative features that became popular after the 1870’s. These include white painted sash windows, curly pedimented gables and delicate brick panels of sunflowers, swags or cherubs, with small window panes, steep roofs and curving bay windows, wooden balconies and little fancy oriel window jutting out where one would least expect them, brick pediments and pilasters, window shutters, fan lights, ribbed chimneys, flemish or plain gables, hipped roofs, wrought iron railings, sash windows, outside shutters, asymmetry and even sunflower decorations.

These decorative features survived until the early 1900’s and were much used in the styling of London Mansion Flat blocks.